Driving Audi’s Sportscar Range at Buddh International Circuit!

Driving the new Audi RS5 and the R8 LMX at Buddh International Circuit!

Audi has been on a launch spree in the Indian market and has been bringing in new products from their international lineup to our shore which just goes on to show the brand’s commitment towards our market.

The latest product to come out of the Ingolstadt carmaker’s stable is the all-new RS 5 and we were invited to drive the same at India’s only Formula 1 track-Buddh International Circuit.

After a short safety and rules briefing session by the very talented Aditya Patel, we were assigned our respective cars. Audi’s entire Sports Car range starting from the S5, RS5, RS6 RS7,R8 V10+ and the R8 LMX was present at the Paddock( hence the event was called Audi Sportscar experience) and the cars were being shuffled so that they don’t heat up after being grilled constantly-lap by lap.

After being divided into groups of 4 cars, we left the paddock and I got behind the wheel of the R8 LMX first. Ideally, I would’ve liked something saner to start off with but well, I got behind the wheel of one of the 99 only made leaned-out track tool. Under the hood is the same 5.2-litre V10 which churns out 570PS of power along with 540NM of torque and can blast out to the 100kmph mark in just 3.4 seconds. I had no single second doubting that figure and was reassured every time I mashed my foot into the throttle. So track driving is all-about following perfect racing lines and making the most of the power available every time you ace a corner.


Now after a couple of laps in the R8 LMX, I was a little worried that the RS5 will feel pretty meak and lousy now- All it took was the first right-hander in the RS5 to make me realise that how powerful the downsized 2.9-litre twin-turbo pot was in the new RS5. Quattro makes sure you have all the grip in the world and you come out of every corner cheering like a champ. Yes, it is way simpler to tackle then the track-focused R8 LMX and is something that you can drive to work everyday as well as get it on the track over the weekends. It just picks up pace faster than you expect it to and you really have to spend a second glaring at the speedometer to realise the speeds that you are doing. At the back straight, the RS5 sprinted out to over 230kmph with ease and then the ventilated discs on all four tyres made sure that you shed out all of it with utmost ease as well. The turbocharged V6 pot growls pretty vividly- depending on how much you’re straining your right foot- making sure that you grin ear to ear every single time you step on it!


Audi RS5

Engine- 2.9-litre V6 petrol

Power- 444PS Torque -600 NM

Transmission – 8 Speed AT, AWD

Price- Rs. 1.1 Cr (ex-showroom)

Driving Audi’s Sportscar Range at Buddh International Circuit!
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