Tame Any Terrain In Style

One of the most important safety items on your car is the tyre. With only a very small contact area with the road, your tyres have to supply all the grip to allow your vehicle to accelerate, brake and change direct in very sure and quick time. When you also take into account the wide difference in road surfaces and condition, as well as contamination of those surfaces by water, dust, mud and all sorts of other items, it is self evident as to the importance of good tyres.

And when one talk about SUVs, it is very important to have the best set of tyres on! JK Ranger series is one such example as it blends capability and style perfectly!

While the AT(all-terrain) is aimed at the growing tribe of off-road driving enthusiasts, the HT is aimed at those who use SUVs for driving on the black top. The sidewalls are built to endure the harsh terrain that’s usually encountered off road. Due to superior traction and grip, the tyres can stop SUVs from 100 to 0 in less than four seconds. It is a perfect blend of capability and style, the Ranger Series is designed to go anywhere. With this SUV tyre, you don’t have to worry about bad tarmac anymore!
Let it be loose dirt, mud, sand, or gravel, JK Ranger can tame it all.



Tame Any Terrain In Style
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