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What is it?

Blaupunkt is an international car audio system and ancillaries maker. What we tested is the Philadelphia 845 touchscreen infotainment system which comes with a 7-inch display and is compatible with VAG cars.

How does it feel out of the box?

A lot of aftermarket touchscreen units are not compatible with VAG cars i.e Volkswagen group cars. We were testing this unit in a 2012 model year Skoda Laura and the Philadelphia 845 works with all VAG cars and even has CAN BUS sensors which connect with your stock systems parking sensor,  automatic ac display, steering wheel controls. This is a really good thing and the unit feels just like stock when you still get all of your previous systems to work with it. However, the installation guy had to bring in a separate frame to go with the car as the stock one was differently shaped. Apart from this, it is a 10-minute job to install the Philadelphia 845 in VAG cars and can be termed as a plug-and-play unit.


How does it perform?

Let’s talk about the display first, the Philadelphia 845 sports a 7-inch anti-reflective touch screen display (800 x 480 pixels). The touch feedback is mostly accurate and major controls like source/navigation have been placed separately on the sides(see the picture for more clarity). The display is nice and bright and the system greets you a Blaupunkt logo every time your turn in your key. However, the graphics feel a bit dated and are in need of an update. Powering the unit is an ARM Cortex A9 processor. Connectivity options include Bluetooth/USB/AUX/SDHC/CD inputs and you can take calls over Bluetooth as well which is a standard feature now with most car systems now. There is no Android Auto, Apple CarPlay or Mirror Link connectivity which is a bit of a letdown considering that the competition is now offering the same. You get a 4-channel pre-out along with a sub-woofer pre-out and the max output power is rated at 4 X 50 Watt. The overall sound output in different modes and with different sources is quite similar to the stock system. However, while using the Radio mode, the sound quality dropped down a bit in comparison to the stock Skoda unit. Another noteworthy point is that this system is compatible with the rear camera (thanks to the CAN support) and the sensor display even shows the distance in meters which is not present in the stock system. Sadly, we couldn’t test out the Navigation as our test unit came without the Navigation Map SD card.


Whats the Verdict?

We tested the Philadelphia 845 for a span of 10 days and it does feel like a stock unit itself and connects with all of your stock systems, thanks to the CAN sensors. However, it does have certain drawbacks like lack of Apple CarPlay & Android Auto and we hope that these issues are addressed with the next update.

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