From the Vault- Inferno Hypercar Still a Dream?

Mexico isn’t exactly the kind of place where you expect hypercars to be made. Now, we don’t intend to tick off anyone with that line. But the country doesn’t have a record or history of being at the peak of automotive engineering. Indeed they have had their attempts with the Mastretta MXTs and VUHL 05’s. But both of them weren’t that great when it came to performance and styling. So when the wraps were taken off a hypercar concept at a recently-held Auto Show in Mexico, it brought up mixed reactions from those who got to see what lay underneath.

They call it the Inferno and no it isn’t ready to hit the track yet. It’s a concept in every sense of the word and a very ambitious one at that. The people behind it are speaking of it to be powered by a twin-turbo V8 engine that produces 1400bhp and 908Nm of torque. 0 to 100kph is expected to come up in less than 3 seconds and they claim that the hypercar will have a top speed of 395kph. Now, all that sounds good as a wish-list. It remains to be seen as to how much of their wishes will actually be granted. Metal Foam, which is a zinc-aluminum-silver alloy, has been used in the construction of the Inferno’s body. The makers claim that it can be stretched up to 100 times its initial size and bounce right back. Does it mean that we have a car which will not leave a dent on its body when someone runs into it from the rear? We are not in a position to confirm yet.

There is also a question of how many millionaires out there would like to own a Mexican hypercar which looks a lot like one of those outrageously over-styled Hot Wheels toys. If it’s just about turning heads, the Inferno will. But whether the heads are turning for the right reasons or not will be a debate for another day.

From the Vault- Inferno Hypercar Still a Dream?
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