What Happens When You Microwave an Airbag?

Just before you watch this video, I have a couple of questions in my mind- How and Why? Well, if you really are not bothered about the answers of these questions, please go ahead and enjoy this video-

As we all know, airbags are a vital safety equipment that are almost present in every day now a days. They have a one point agenda- to blow up with a blast once the sensors alert it to do so(as seen in the image below)

Now the Slo Mo Guys- a Youtube channel which records everything in Slo Mo using there high end cameras have done this experiment with a microwave and an actual airbag.  Twice. Oh, and filmed the action in 2000fps and 1000fps respectively for the first and second attempts, which has resulted in some amazing footage. However, everything looks good in Slo-Mo and this video is an example of the same. So grab your popcorn and enjoy !

Stay tuned to Exhibit Auto for more such pointless weekend videos!



What Happens When You Microwave an Airbag?
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