Here is How You Can Buy a Lamborghini for Rs. 12 Lakhs!

Remember Need for Speed? The 2014 action movie from Scott Waugh, starring Aaron Paul (Breaking Bad), Dominic Cooper (Captain America: The First Avenger, The Preacher) and Dakota Johnson (Fifty Shades of Grey) was not a smash hit at the box office and had it not been for the Chinese audience, the movie would’ve tanked. But it turned in a neat $203 million against a modest $66 million budget.

All the cars that were present in that movie were mostly replicas, thanks to cost cutting and all the crash scenes that we saw in the movie. Now here is a video of the same showing how they made similar looking and sounding cars for just Rs. 12 Lakhs !! Incredible, isnt it? Watch the video below for more details-

Earlier, we had even sighted a car from the movie going on sale on ebay! The GTA Spano which was driven by one of the racers in the movie’s climactic chase scene met with a crash-and-burn ending. So the example that we have here is perhaps the last stunt car of its kind which survived the shoot. The specimen did find some work after its Need for Speed shooting days, as it got to star in one of Pitbull’s latest music videos – Green Light. The asking price is a bit steep for a replica car of its kind though – $95,000. And that’s too much of money for a movie prop which was used in a flick that wasn’t an iconic piece of film-making to begin with. Here is an image of the same

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Stay tuned to Exhibit Auto for more such videos!

Here is How You Can Buy a Lamborghini for Rs. 12 Lakhs!
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