Watch: This is How You Will Be Driving Soon!

Legendary is the word when one talks about Elon Musk, the man behind Tesla, Space X and now this- The Boring Company. Musk’s main aim has to be a problem solver through all of his ideas and this new idea of cars driving through tunnels is just taking things to another level.

As the name suggests, The Boring company will be ‘boring’ tunnels in the ground and will be solving the traffic problem once and for all. What a great idea Mr. Musk! The video above is pretty self explanatory of what this idea is all about, cars will travel to their destination at over 200kmph and the car which literally translates reaching places in minutes!

Musk recently tweeted an actual site video of this project recently, have a look!

All we can say by looking at this technology is that the future doesn’t really seem BORING!

Watch: This is How You Will Be Driving Soon!
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