Watch: 20,000+ Swarm Bees Settle Down in a Car!

We have all had an encounter with a bunch of swarm bees in our life. However, bees settling down on your car can be a bit concerning, especially for petrolheads like us!

Watch this video below to get a better idea of what happened-

The car which has been attacked is a Nissan and the location seems to be somewhere in the UK. The women pictured with the car seems to be concerned for all the right reasons. She has sought professional help for the same as one would need to relocate the Queen Bee so that the rest of them can follow her.

What can one do to avoid the same happening to their car?

This can happen to anyone’s car to be honest and not just this, we have also seen rats, lizards, cockroaches get comfortable inside one’s precious car. To avoid this from happening,  for starters, park it in a well-lit area, check your surroundings before you park, don’t strand your car at a particular spot for days and most importantly, don’t put honey on your car( We hope you can sting the sarcasm).

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Video Source- 807 News




Watch: 20,000+ Swarm Bees Settle Down in a Car!
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