Narendra Modi’s New Ride?

Prime Minister of India- Narendra Modi has always had a knack for fashion and making a statement wherever he goes. From his  impressive outfits to his ground shaking decisions, one can’t deny the fact that the minister has  his own unique charm. I won’t be judging any of the recent government socio-economic policies or decision because I am no expert on that and this isn’t the right forum for that as well. What we’ll discuss here is the PM’s swanky ride that he was seen riding shotgun in recently during his recent political campaign.

The car in the picture is a previous generation Range Rover HSE. Under the hood of this beast is a 5.0-litre V8  which is mighty powerful, just like the personality in picture. Along with the masculine aesthetics, the HSE has Land Rover’s classic terrain modes which makes it a go-anywhere SUV. Modi’s everyday ride usually is an armored BMW 7 Series which can be seen in the picture below.

Narendra Modi's Armored BMW 7 Series

Narendra Modi’s Armored BMW 7 Series

During his 15 year tenure as the CM of Gujarat, he was mostly seen in a cavalry of Mahindra Scorpios. However, due to security reasons, he had to ditch the “Made in India’ Scorpio in favor of the armored German BMW 7 Series. Stay tuned to the for more such updates from the auto industry.

modi scorpio

Narendra Modi in his Scorpio during his term as Gujrat CM

Oh, and talking about Range Rover, we recently drove one mad-hatter Sport SVR, read about the shenanigans here.


Narendra Modi’s New Ride?
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