PM Narendra Modi Gets a New Ride ! Uses a Polaris 6×6 for Kedarnath Reopening

A great moment for Polaris yesterday as PM Modi used the Polaris 6X6 800 EFI in order to reach Kedarnath Temple yesterday. The Polaris 6×6 is an extreme off-roader and can be driven comfortably in hilly and tough terrains.

Just as the name suggests, the Polaris 6X6 800 EFI has 6 tyres in total which help in better traction. It was very useful back in 2013 as well when the Floods had taken over that particular area.  The 6×6 800 EFI has a towing capacity of 2000lbs which it draws from a 40bhp engine.



PM Narendra Modi’s cavalry usually has an armoured BMW 7 Series that secures him. He has also been a big fan of the Mahindra Scorpio which he used extensively during his term as Gujrat CM.  However, the 7 Series surely cannot go to places that this extreme 6X6 from Polaris can!

Stay tuned to the wheelz for more such exciting news and reviews from the Auto Industry.

Polaris Ranger 6X6 800 EFI (1)

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