Ford Dealer In Ohio Will Sell You A 1200Bhp Ford Mustang For $45,000

How the hell is this possible? Well, that’s a question which many would have in their minds when they step into Lebanon Ford dealership in Ohio. Apparently, this dealer can grant you the keys to your very own fire-breathing, tarmac-shredding, supercar-chewing, 1200bhp Ford Mustang.

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The twin-turbo LFP Hellion Mustang, the launch of which has just been announced, is a package which consists of a brand-new Ford Mustang GT with the 300A pack, a Basani cat-back exhaust, Ford Racing 47 pound/hour fuel injectors and a Hellion Twin Turbo System. Priced at $44,499 (before taxes and fees), the package covers the labor costs involved too. A stage 2 package is also on offer at $49,999 which adds 95 pound/hour fuel injectors, a fuel pump voltage booster, oil pump gears and 800bhp rated halfshafts.

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But just as all those “too good to be true” deals go, there is a catch here. The magic figure of 1200bhp is possible only if you go ahead and opt for all the supporting modifications. So what you are essentially getting is a healthy platform on to which you can bolt on all those components which will help your Mustang reach the 1200bhp mark.

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Lebanon Ford Performance (LFP) made it to the headlines of every Ford Mustang enthusiast site in 2016 when they launched the LFP 727 Mustang – a souped-up Ford Mustang with 727bhp of power. And its affordable price tag of $39,997 was the major reason for its claim to fame. With the LFP Hellion Mustang, Lebanon Ford is once again back in the news. We’re waiting for the videos to pop up to validate Lebanon Ford’s ambitious claims though.

Ford Dealer In Ohio Will Sell You A 1200Bhp Ford Mustang For $45,000
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