Catch Them Young With The Morgan EV3 Junior

So your kid likes classic cars and has been bugging you for something more than the off-the-rack Power Wheels toy. Rich dads around the world can rejoice as Morgan is now selling a trike which is meant for kids. The Morgan EV3 Junior is certainly going to find a lot of takers who have high tastes when it comes to buying toys. Hand-made at the Morgan workshop in Malvern Link, England, the scaled-down version of Morgan’s EV3 trike is quite a work of art in itself. The attention-to-detail is staggering to begin with.

The Morgan EV3 Junior is electric and can run for around 10 miles before running out of juice. Top speed is a remarkable 10kph, which is more than adequate for the little racers to drive it around the driveway for an hour or so. Charging will take 4 hours before the EV3 Junior can be rolled out again for another hour of fun. The trike comes with fully-functional suspension, head lights and a reverse gear. Reverse gear speed has been reduced to ensure that the trike stays on its wheels since cars of this kind are known to be unstable while reversing at high speeds.

Priced at $8,250, the Morgan EV3 Junior can be ordered in red, green, or ivory, with a black or tan leather interior. If you are willing to throw in some more money, you can get the little trike in any of the 40,000 shades in which Morgan is offering their bigger cars.

Catch Them Young With The Morgan EV3 Junior
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