CES 2017 – Hyundai’s Connected Car

Hyundai’s Mobility Vision – Connected Car @ CES 2017What is Hyundai’s Mobility Vision? What does the future has in store for us? Basically,  the car is a part of the house or like an extra room inside the house when parked. (similar to a space shuttle and space centre concept). The car’s door and the house wall are similar and can conjoin with each other. The car totally integrates into the home and is able to share its seats with the room, its power with the grid and its air conditioning system with the home.The vehicle and the home share a digital connection which helps the users to share the media elements like music, movies etc in between the car and the house. They can also share a similar cloud-like network.The car can detach itself from the house when the user wants to drive it outside,  just like a space shuttle connection with the space centre.hyundais-mobility-vision-concept-at-ces-2017-literally-connects-the-car-to-your-homeSo the house and the car of the future are two parts of one unit. Although this concept looks very futuristic and techy, it might also have some complications like bringing in road elements into the house, into your drawing room basically. We can expect such technology to be actually real and make it to our day to day life by at least 2030. The major challenge is the development of the overall infrastructure i.e placement of charging stations, broader and clearer routes to name a few. Further, the traffic scenario and chaos in India might be something that can leave even the biggest of autonomous car makers boggled. None the less, it is interesting to see what the future has in store for us !

CES 2017 – Hyundai’s Connected Car
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