Ford Mustang With Pro-Donald Trump Sticker Burnt In Oregon

If the events before the US presidential elections weren’t controversial and chaotic enough, what has been happening in the country since Donald Trump’s victory will make up for that. Protests and acts of violence which have been taking place after the results were announced makes one wonder whether those who claimed to be pacifists were pacifists at all. And one such incident ended up with a Silver Ford Mustang being torched in Portland, Oregon. Portland Fire & Rescue stopped the fire from doing further damage to the surrounding area. Apparently, the assailants were irked by the pro-Donald Trump stickers which were pasted on the Mustang. The car was burnt after the graffiti which reads “Fk Trump” was spray painted across the car’s sides, just in case the owner wished to know why his muscle car had to meet with a fiery end.ford_mustang_trump_burn3ford_mustang_trump_burn2A Volvo parked near the Mustang got the pink-colored “Fk Trump” graffiti treatment as well. Its owner’s anguish is something which anyone who had property damage because of political unrest can relate with. “There’s no stickers. There’s nothing political about my old Volvo, but it was spray-painted along with the vehicle that was on fire. It was really surprising, of course, and disheartening. I don’t understand what the point is. It just caused a headache for me and spent a lot of time and energy having to get the paint off and, you know, dealing with the police reports,” said the Volvo owner.

Ford Mustang With Pro-Donald Trump Sticker Burnt In Oregon
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