Tesla Model S Is Now The Best-Selling Luxury Sedan In The US

When a niche carmaker like Tesla takes the battle to industry heavyweights like Mercedes Benz and BMW, that deserves to be applauded. When the underdog wins the war, it deserves to be celebrated. So pop the bubbly, because Elon Musk’s all-electric luxury sedan – the Tesla Model S – has sold more units than the BMW 7-Series and the Mercedes Benz S-Class combined in the United States. Tesla sold 9,156 units of the Model S in the third quarter of 2016. BMW and Merc managed to sell only 3,634 and 3,138 units of the 7-Series and S-Class respectively.

Tesla’s dominance in the luxury sedan segment can be attributed to the launch of the P100D and the revised Autopilot Mode. The manufacturer did receive some flak for the Autopilot-related accidents which happened during the time period in question. But that doesn’t seem to have delivered a big blow on the sales. Model S posted sales in the range of 15,800 cars globally during the third quarter and Model X too successfully reached 8,700 new owners. With the more affordable Model 3 ready for launch in 2017, Tesla will now be targeting the executive sedan segment, which will turn out to be one more nightmare for the German auto giants.

Tesla Model S Is Now The Best-Selling Luxury Sedan In The US
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