11 Coolest Classic Cars to be Seen In

Classic Cars – the term brings up images of everything from the 1908 Ford Model T to the 1959 Cadillac Eldorado. Finding, restoring and owning a classic car is one of the most difficult as well as most satisfying experiences a car aficionado can possibly have. The rarity and nostalgia of the model makes it all the more rewarding. Each classic car has an identity and flavor. Some define luxury while others are inclined more towards power. Some have influenced history and popular culture. The rest have defined a generation itself. Regardless of the category in which they fall, classic cars have always succeeded in creating a passionate emotional response in a true car lover.

When we were brainstorming for a list of classic cars, there was always the 11 Best, the 11 Most Iconic, the 11 Most Significant and the 11 Most Beautiful to turn to. But since we are living in an age when everything from our attire to our gadgets are about making us look cool, we zeroed in on the list of 11 coolest classic cars to be seen in. Not too surprisingly, most of the cars which made the cut were designed and built in the 60s.

[alert type=”primary”]1961 Jaguar E-Type[/alert]Jaguar-E-Type
The Jaguar E-Type often features in the top 10 when someone decides to make a list of the most beautiful cars ever made. Even Enzo Ferrari was a fan. The E-Type entered the arena in the 1960s and blew everyone away with its high performance and drop-dead gorgeous looks. Both the convertible and the coupe were magnificent to look at. But if we were to pick one, we’ll pick the convertible. After all, who wouldn’t want the ladies to know the guy who owns the Jaaaaaag? The F-Type which was launched in 2013 is regarded as the spiritual successor to the E-Type.

[alert type=”primary”]1964 Aston Martin DB5[/alert]Aston_Martin-DB5
We would have chosen to just say “The name is Bond, James Bond”, ended things there and it would have been ample to justify the Aston Martin DB5’s inclusion in this list. But that won’t be doing proper justice to this stunning British icon. The DB5 is among the most recognizable movie cars of all time and if the makers choose to include it even in the recent adaptations of the Bond franchise, then that says something. This car is uber-cool.

[alert type=”primary”]Shelby AC Cobra[/alert]shelby-cobra
If a car continues to be on sale for decades and is on sale even now without any significant change in its design, do we call it a classic car? Maybe we should. Because the Shelby AC Cobra has to be in this list. Back in the 1960s, Ford, Shelby and AC Motors joined forces to create a British sportcar with an American engine and then cut it loose on the racetrack to feed on Chevrolet Corvettes. And that’s exactly what they did. The best part of the equation was that the V8-powered Cobras looked great while taking on the Chevy race cars. Now continuation cars are being built to gratify those who would love to be seen in a machine which looks and feels exactly the same as the ones which tore up the track in the 60s.

11 Coolest Classic Cars to be Seen In
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