Audi Q Drive off-roading programme launched

German automaker Audi has announced the launch of the 5th installment of its Q Drive off-roading programme in India. The initiative will allow its fans, prospective buyers and clients to experience and test the off-roading capabilities of Audi SUVs in specially-created tracks. To be conducted by 30 dealerships spread across the nation, the Q Drive programme is being regarded as one of the major promotional events for the manufacturer.

“The Audi Q range highlights the sportiness, the sophistication and the progressiveness of the brand, The Audi Q Drive showcases the functionality and capability of our SUVs while demonstrating their outstanding quattro capabilities on an off-road track,” said Joe King, Head, Audi India. The event will feature the Q3, Q5 and Q7. Under the watchful eyes and guidance of expert instructors, the drivers will tackle the course which consists of levels intended to learn and master hill climbing, hill descend, slush, acceleration, braking, rumblers, axle twister and articulation and tilt angle.

Participation is on an “invitation only” basis and should you like to be a part of the programme, give your friendly neighborhood Audi dealer a call to express your interest.

Audi Q Drive off-roading programme launched
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