Bugatti’s Vision Gran Turismocomes straight out of a video game. Literally!

This is going to be the car which will be the biggest star of this year’s Frankfurt Motor Show. Unveiled to the world at the event, the one-off creation from Bugatti is super-special in many ways. It started off as a design destined to be immortalized in the 6th installment of the highly successful Gran Turismo game franchise. But then things got real and Bugatti took upon themselves the challenge of building the damn thing.There are cars in video games which you wish were real and this one-off monster is the very realization of that wish which many gamers cherish.

Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo (2)Bugatti has blurred the lines between fantasy and realism by making the Vision Gran Turismo. Though it looks too much fantastical to belong on the road or on a track, the team has managed to attribute function to every inch of form on the car. So all those exaggerated fins, vents and curves have a job to do. This must have been the project on which the designers and engineers were told to let their spirit and inner child free and they did that for sure.Though it isn’t right and fair to go about digging the performance figures of an unreal show car, simulations say that the Vision Gran Turismois capable enough to match the performance figures of a LeMans racer, which includes the ability to cross 250mph.

We should think of this as the direction which Bugatti will take while building the successor to the Veyron. “Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo is the first stage on a new journey that Bugatti is embarking on following the successful completion of its Veyron chapter, and which will culminate in the unveiling of the next Bugatti super sports car in the not too distant future,” said Wolfgang Dürheimer, president of Bugatti. Talk about one last hurrah and it couldn’t get any more wild than this. Talk about dropping a clue or two about the successor and it couldn’t get more anymore satisfying than this.

Though it will be too far-fetched to expect the descendant to sport fins the size of a spaceship’s tail section and air ducts large enough to suck pedestrians in, we can certainly hope to see the design cues of the Vision Gran Turismobeing carried over and integrated into the design of the new car – the Chiron.


Bugatti’s Vision Gran Turismocomes straight out of a video game. Literally!
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