Finally, it’s here ladies and gentlemen. After months of making us salivate on spy shots and promo stills the McLaren P1 has arrived in its production form and gladly most of it remains unchanged from the magnificent concept that was showcased in Paris a year ago. We had too many things going on in the last month’s issue that we ran out of pages to tuck in a write-up on the unveiling of the P1 at the Geneva Auto Show. The Lamborghini Veneno and the LaFerrari chewed into the layout space that was saved for the P1. To make up for that we decided to give it a proper welcome right here, right now. So here we go.


The McLaren P1 is going to be noted as one of the greatest-looking cars of all time. Unlike its rather bland stablemate – the MP4-12C – the P1 is the epitome of showmanship. Comparing the two would be like drawing up a comparison chart between Mika Hakkinnen and Michael Schumacher. The former is all methodical and sober and the latter is equally good, but has that element of fun, excitement and above all showmanship, which is what the crowds really cheer for. The MP4-12C may be perfect in all rights, but the P1 has the suit which goes well with the perfection. Look at it, those lines would have stuck to a concept car and would have lived and died a short life atop a spinning podium. It didn’t. It came alive and now it is going to burn the roads and please the eyes, wherever it goes. When the concept was showcased for the first time, we had bets on arguing that the tail lights won’t be making the final cut and that the design will be toned down. But we were wrong. It’s still there – in all its futuristic glory. So is that enormous rear spoiler, which unlike tea cup tray at the back of the Veyron, is stunning to look at.

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