Fast Bowler

For many off-roading enthusiasts there is nothing more supreme a terrain-conqueror than a Hummer H1. For the rest, it is the Land Rover Defender which takes that seat. But we really doubt how fast these two mud-pluggers can go around a broken track of earth. They’ll get the job done for sure. Not with excitement or panache, but with purpose. What if we need some speed thrills along the way? Well, then you are shopping in the wrong store and checking the wrong catalogue. You must be ready to place your bills on a rally-prepped car then. But aren’t they souped-up versions of family sedans and hatchbacks? Not your type? We kind of knew that already. So allow us to lead you to the machine which you should buy.

Indeed, it looks a lot like a Range Rover which has lost its rear doors. But the Bowler Nemesis EXR-S is more than just a short wheelbase British SUV. Alright Tata bought Land Rover, but it’s still very much British. Back to the car, it is built by Bowler Offroad, a small manufacturer which has set up shop in the village of Hazelwood, Derbyshire, which is in the United Kingdom. For the past few years, the boffins here have been behind the construction of rally raid winners based on Land Rover and Range Rover chassis. After launching the highly successful Wildcat which was based on the Defender, they went on to release the Nemesis based on the Rangie. The EXR-S is the tamer version of the brutal force of nature which the rally-going Nemesis EXR is.


Upfront it’s all Range Rover with the bi-xenon headlamps and a fascia that reminds one of David Coulthard and his infamous jaw. The grille has been retained too. As we walk to the back, we’ll notice the shortened wheelbase and the missing rear doors. Unlike the raid and rally version, the EXR-S has got rear glass windows which also add to the visibility. The rear end has borrowed a lot from the donor car with the tail lights of the Rangie slotted right where they used to belong and so does the tailgate – another discovery from the donor car’s parts bin. The massive fenders and extensive cooling ductwork make it stand out and so is the hood with the horizontal slit running across it. The cooling ducts and the gills on the side are other attention-grabbers to keep your eyes glued to. 


The interior is a total surprise. If you expected the EXR-S to be spartan with a cluster of dials and LED displays that show data which most of us are too dumb to figure out, you are so wrong. The interior is meant for someone who gives priority to simplicity and elegance while going off-road. Yes, the FIA-approved roll-cage, body-hugging racing seats and three-point seat belts are there for good effect.

Fast Bowler
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