Lambo goes all-out mental with the Veneno

How do car makers usually celebrate their milestones of existence? You know the drill. A couple of ads, a few special editions which is basically the same car with a bunch of stickers and of course the press release – everyone takes the conventional and boring route. But when it comes to exotic cars which cater to an elite clientele and when even the feeblest of sneezes from the factory floor are picked up by journalists and enthusiasts all over, you have to go beyond the conventional. You have to go creative. You have to go mental, if you are making cars which have the logo of a raging bull up front on the bonnet. When Lamborghini saw their 50th anniversary around the corner, they decided to make it special with a limited edition hyper car and what better place to reveal it to the world than the Geneva Motor Show. As the wraps were pulled off, the flashes lighted up the scene in unison to get a glimpse of what lay beneath the fine fabric – the Lamborghini Veneno.


An exotic, street-legal hyper race car – we are still figuring out where to classify this machine. But it won’t take us long to classify it among the most desirable things on four wheels ever. It’s as if a toddler was given the chance to make the hot wheels racer of his dreams and to be honest, that’s results in a car which is really outrageous and incredibly gorgeous at the same time. Named after a fighting bull, just like every other Lambo, the Veneno is based on the rather tame (by Lambo standards) Aventador. But the association concludes there. This is an altogether different class of beasts. Its name was borrowed from one the strongest bulls from the arena which shot to fame in 1914 for killing a valiant matador.

Its engine comes from the Aventador – a 6.5 litre V12 that produces 750bhp of power and can get to a top speed of 354kph.

Lambo goes all-out mental with the Veneno
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