4 Modified Bentley Continental GTs We Won’t Mind Driving

Some of you must be baffled by the title. Why wouldn’t anyone be keen to drive a Rs. 2 crore, 620bhp luxury grand tourer? Here is why. If you value cars based on the kind of people who are driving it, then the Bentley Continental GT isn’t one which figures on the top of that list. To be blunt and brutally honest, it isn’t anywhere in that list. Because it isn’t owned or driven by those who have a good taste in wheels. Most Contys are driven around by heiresses who have nothing more than their curves as their claim to fame (give us a good reason other than that to admire Kim Kardashian), heiresses (again) who believe that they are living in the Barbie world and by Footballers who want a big car to carry around their bags and WAGs, but for some unexplainable reason are blind to a Range Rover Sport which can do a lot more than just that.

Let’s be fair to the car, shall we? We do admit that the Bentley Continental GT is a practical and capable grand tourer. The Conty is equipped with a 6.0 litre twin-turbocharged W12 engine that belts out power in the range of 500 to 620bhp. It’s quite comfortable with its luxurious interiors and seats for four with enough space in the back for a couple of suitcases. It can go from 0 to 100kph in 4.8 seconds and has a top speed of 318kph. All that sounds good, doesn’t it? Alright, it doesn’t handle like a Ferrari and is more like an elephant which just got booster rockets attached to its back. But that’s ok for a grand tourer which is trying to bridge the gap that it has with a sports car.

Let’s make it simple. Would you buy one if you had Rs. 2 crore at your disposal? Do you have it on your desktop as the wallpaper? Is it anywhere near your dream garage? See, that moment of thought and doubt is exactly what we are talking about. You would aspire to buy a Ferrari or a Maserati instead.

But there are a couple of tuners out there who can change your perceptions about the Continental GT and their work just might make the Bentley more enticing to own and admire. They may charge you with a hefty bill once they are done with your wheels. However, they’ll literally transform the car from a bland-looking GT to a fire-breathing dragon. So, ready to change your wallpaper?

4 Modified Bentley Continental GTs We Won’t Mind Driving
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