So the Middle East does have a weapon of mass destruction – a 750bhp, 392kph missile called the Lykan Hypersport

Arabia – a mystical land cloaked with a seemingly unending fabric of sand, garnished with palm trees and oases and dipped in sheer exotic flavour. And almost like ethereal cities which are summoned from the sands by a magical spell, the deserts of the Middle East are made all the more magnificent by towering super structures which make up the megacities of Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Muscat and Bahrain. With all the oil that they drill out from the depths of the earth, the sheikhs and sultans of the Middle East are the most influential, powerful and above all the richest people on the planet. So rich that at times they are absolutely clueless on what to do with all that money. That’s why they spend it on princely mansions, a cluster of man-made islands which look like a palm tree when looked down from a height of 1000 feet, futuristic buildings with one of them being the tallest in the world, a Formula One race track in the middle of a desert and in constructing an affluent cosmopolitan city which is perhaps the only place outside the US where the Americans feel at home – Dubai.

Lykan Hypersport (4)

The Middle East also serves as a residence to 65.7% of exotic cars in the world. Ok, we made that up. But it isn’t hard to fall for that percentage figure, is it? The Sultan of Brunei may have all the best cars in the world in his garage. But the sheikhs of Arabia are proud owners of hundreds of exotic machinery. Ferrari, Lamborghini, Pagani, Porsche, Bentley, Bugatti – you name it, they have it there and these guys are never satisfied with the “standard” super car and hyper car. They aren’t pleased with the million options and features that the manufacturer offers too. That explains all those over-the-top cars which we see splashed all over the internet. The ones plated in gold, studded with diamonds, dipped in chrome, wrapped in whale-penis leather – we really wouldn’t choose to elaborate further. These chaps are indeed the largest consumers of super cars.

And that brings us to the big question ?

Since the Middle East can gluttonously lap up all the big wheels, can they actually make a hyper car which is competent enough to take on the Italians and Europeans ?

Till recently, the answer was a no. The Arabs can pull off two-wheeled stunts on their SUVs, astound us with the desert safari drives and preserve exotic cars in their private museums, vaults and bunkers. But they never got the super car equation right.

Until now.

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